Lovingly handcrafted in Israel, Mariana jewellery has a lifetime guarantee from manufacturing defects and has gained recognition internationally for being an affordable luxury.

Each piece of Mariana jewellery is as detailed and varied as the moods they convey. Dazzling hand cut gemstones, stunning Czech stones and exquisite Swarovski crystals, some new and some over a hundred years old, all carefully and lovingly set by hand.


Mariana believes that what music is to the ear, colour is to the eye. Her exquisite creations make the woman who wears them glow with confidence and a love for life. Since 1997, her excellent sense of style and colour has made Mariana an international success.

Mariana draws from an endless variety of colours and materials to bring her inspirations to life. For a finishing touch, they are layered in 18ct rose gold or silver (nickel free).